5. Conclusion


5.1 Summary of findings

We found that the lead-acid battery is not resistant to cold temperature as it was only placed in the -23 degrees celsius environment for a unprolonged 15 minutes. Also we found out that alkaline battery is cold temperature resistance and it can be proved from All batteries gradually self-discharge (whether installed in a device or not) and dead batteries will eventually leak. Extremely high temperatures can also cause batteries to rupture and leak (such as in a car during summer) (Wikipedia 2013)

5.2 Practical applications

For people living in the cold countries and climate, they can prepare extra batteries and be more aware about how their climate can affect battery life. This can help them because they would know how many batteries they would have to buy and also they can guess how long their batteries would last before their equipments’ battery goes flat.

5.3 Area of further studies (redo)

Further studies can be either test the battery in high temperature or make the circuit in cold temperature throughout.  As this test only tested the battery that was in cold temperature, not tested in cold temperature. It needs to be tested in very cold environment as well.

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