Research Questions

Finalised Research Question
To find out the effects of extreme temperature on the battery life of batteries.


The battery life of the batteries are effected by the temperature of the battery.

Constant Variable: The power of the Fan Motor, The size of the Batteries and Room Humidity.
Dependent Variable: Life Span Of Battery (Time taken for battery to run out of power)
Independant Variable: Type Of Battery and Temperature Conditions

Feasibility Of Research
Batteries are easily available at any supermarket or departmental store. They are affordable as well. This project does not take too much time to complete as well, thus the time project could be accomplished quickly.

Manageability Of Research
With a strong group consisting of Yee Cher, Siddhant, Justyn and Francis, this project can be accomplished and managed with this strong group. These four members are enough to accomplish and carry out this project successfully. For better manageability, we will be splitting the roles in the group. For example, when two people are conducting a research the others can take photos or take down notes. This makes the project more manageable.

Accessibility Of Research
Batteries can be found at any departmental store or supermarket. The rest of the materials such as gloves will be provided by SST.

Reason For Choice Of Topic
We have chosen the following topic as we were interested at how and what would happen if we were to take a battery to outer space. Knowing that it would not be feasible to do this experiment we would have to change the outer space to something more feasible and accessible. We then moved onto something better. We could then change this to extreme temperatures instead. Testing the battery life at extreme temperatures such as -78 degrees celsius would be more Feasible, Accessible and Manageable. Thus the group decided to choose this topic and to test batteries at extreme temperatures. 

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