Literature Reviews

Key Words
Extreme temperature, battery lifespan
Who: members of group C
When: during available science lessons
Where: physics lab
Why: to test the lifespan of a battery during extreme temperature
Which: best is if we can get Energizer batteries
How: either put the battery among dry ice or heat it in the oven/ microwave

Generate Questions:

  1. If we heat up the battery too much, what will happen?
-Will it explode? 
-Will it melt?
-Will it have no change at all?

1. Does low temperatures affect battery life?

-How does it affect?
-Does it increase the battery life?
-Does it make its lifespan shorter?

2. If we freeze the battery, does it still work?

-How does it affect?
-Is the change noticeable?

3. what are the variety of batteries available?

-GP Alkaline
-GP 1300
-IKEA batteries

4. Which type of batteries are we suppose to use?

Best is if we could get some energizer or duracall batteries

5. How are we going to drain the battery life within a short amount of time?

-Connect it to different number of bulbs
-Put it in a camera and spam pictures
-Hook a resistor and a voltmeter across a terminal
-Put it in a torchlight or remote control car and spend as much time as possible wasting the battery life

6. How high/ low of temperature are we going to use for our experiment?

-Dependent on the equipment we are provided with

7.How much time does it take for the battery's life to show that it is affected significantly?

Eliminate irrelevant questions

Why can't we short circuit the battery to make it have a shorter lifespan
How do we dispose of the battery
What do we do to the battery after we are done with the experiment


Check for validity and reliability

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